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May 8th, 2005 | Categories: Sites | Tags:

Dick posted his Excel headlines idea over here and it looks like it’s starting to get some legs. Here’s an interpretation here, here, and even a french version over here.

From the pdbook I learned that John Peltier has added an RSS feed to his site and so did Andy Pope Over Here.

I also noticed two French Excel blogs here and here. Blogroll is updated!

Sidenote: It’s a shame there is still a language barrier in 2005 with all the technology out there. I’m sure this wasn’t the intented tagline for the XXL site, via the google translation of the page “Some Tricks to Smell Itself Well with Excel”

Update: Misange stopped by and pointed out the correct translation is “Some Tricks to feel more confortable with Excel“. That’s more like it! Thanks.

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