Easy VBA: The Ultimate VBA Add-in for Faster Coding Coming September 2017!

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A seamless VBA Add-in to make VBA coding easier:
  • 200 Common Code Fragments: Features 200 commonly used VBA code fragments that you can easily insert directly into your VBA modules with a click of a button.
  • Save Your Own Code Fragments: Do you frequently use the same code across multiple workbooks? Save your code in Easy VBA and easily access it whenever.
  • Procedure Builder: Use the procedure builder to easily insert procedures with settings like ScreenUpdating, Automatic Calculations, Error Handling, and more already defined. Great for beginners!
  • Object Builder: Insert objects (ranges, sheets, or workbooks) and apply methods (ex: copy, paste, insert) or properties (value, formular1c1) directly into your modules. No more struggling to remember the syntax! Beginners can use this to create procedures from scratch with limited coding knowledge!

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Easily Insert Commonly Used Code Fragments:

Stop searching for VBA code examples online! Instead, simply use the Easy VBA add-in to easily insert commonly used code fragments into your module.

It's easy! Simply navigate to the menu, select the code fragment, click, and the code is added where your cursor is located:

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insert sample code

Save Your Own Frequently Used Code:

Do you find yourself using similar code over and over again across multiple workbooks?  If so, you can save your own code to the custom code folder and easily access it whenever you want!  It's easy:

1. Copy and Paste your code into a text editor.

2. Save your text file with a .vba extension into the C:/CustomCode folder.

3. Go to the Custom Code menu and you'll find your newly created code fragment.

4. Click your code fragment and insert it into your module.

Procedure Builder:

With the procedure builder, you can easily create procedures with specific application settings, error handling, and more. No more searching online for how to disable ScreenUpdating or Automatic Calculations!

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insert sample code

Object Builder:

The Object Builder makes it easy for anyone to write VBA code from scratch! 

​Most of working with VBA in Excel is manipulating objects like Ranges, Sheets, and Workbooks. You manipulate these objects by either applying a method (an action like Copy or Paste) or a property (cell value or cell color). 

With a click of the mouse in Easy VBA you can apply a method or property to an object:​

1. Navigate to the Objects menu and select Ranges, Sheets, or Workbooks.

2. Select your desired method or property to apply that range.

3. Your code will be inserted directly into your module wherever your cursor was located.

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About the Creator: Steve Rynearson

Steve is the owner of AutomateExcel.com and a freelance Excel & VBA developer. He designs beautiful dashboards and powerful data processing tools for his clients. When he's not working with clients, he's developing resources to help you be more productive while working in Excel.

Easy VBA - The easiest way to create VBA code.

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