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Insert Dates in Excel

result month auto

This tutorial covers how to insert dates in Excel. The Date Format Like numbers, currency, time and others, the date is a quintessential number format in Excel. Though Excel tries its best to auto-recognize data types, it doesn’t always succeed. To manually apply the date format to a cell or group of cells, select the…

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Calculate a Running Total in Excel

sum function, total, sum, running count, addition

This tutorial will teach you how to set up and calculate a running total with Excel. To calculate a running total, you’ll need to use the SUM function with a combination of absolute and relative references. Mixed references will allow you to create a growing total that is anchored to the initial value. Let’s start…

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Count if Cells in Range

This tutorial explains how to count the number of cells containing numbers that fall within a specified range using the COUNTIFS function. COUNTIFS COUNTIFS(range_1,criteria _1,[ range_2,criteria _2],…) range_1 (required): group of cells to count criteria_1 (required): conditions used to count range_2,criteria_2: optional ranges and criteria than can be evaluated. Up to 127 range and criteria…

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Cell References

mixed ref

In order to make accurate calculations it’s essential to understand how the different types of cell references work. A1 vs. R1C1 References Excel worksheets contain many cells and (by default) each cell is identified by its column letter followed by its row number. This is known as A1-style referencing. Examples: A1, B4, C6 Optionally, you…

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How to Disable Scroll Lock in Excel on PC

What is Scroll Lock? The Scroll Lock setting determines what happens when you use the Arrow Keys in Excel. When Scroll Lock is off (the default setting), the Arrow Keys allow you to navigate and select different cells within a worksheet. When Scroll Lock is enabled, the Arrow Keys will instead “scroll” through the active…

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How to Install the Data Analysis Toolpak

pc users data analysis

This tutorial will demonstrate how to install the Data Analysis Toolpak add-in in Excel for both Mac and PC. For PC Users: Click on the File tab on the top left, then select Options.        Click Add-ins. Where it says Manage at the bottom, select Excel Add-ins from the drop-down menu and click…

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Sales Funnel Chart

What is a Sales Funnel Chart? Funnel charts are usually used to represent a process’s stages and their outputs. A Sales Funnel Chart does this with sales. Like the name entails, the chart looks like a funnel made up of stacked bars, as shown below. Other Funnel Charts There are many other uses for Funnel…

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