Dual Monitor Excel Tricks?

geforce monitor and excelAnybody have favorite tips or tricks for using a dual monitor setup with Excel?

I just purchased a basic video card (PNY Verto GeForce FX 5500(89$ at Best Buy)) that handles two monitors. After an hour long struggle I’m up and running with a 17″ and an old beat up 15″ monitor (my next upgrade is replacing the 15″).

I’ll post if I find anything unusually different using Excel in a Dual Monitor setup. After only a few minutes I found you can make an extremely large chart with two screens, useless:

large chart

And a very practical use,

Visual Basic Editor on the left screen, Workbook on the right:

vbe screen

Dual backgrounds look like fun. I also see Aaron Blood has a few VBA routines for a dual setup. Off to climb the learning curve.

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