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Consulting, (Free) Training, and Add-ins to help you get the most out of Microsoft Excel

Excel Automation Services, Training, and Software

Get more done in less time

  • Turn a day-long project into a click of a button
  • Automate tedious daily, monthly, or annual projects
  • Stop spending hours processing data or merging worksheets together
  • Fluency in English - no language barrier
  • We specialize in small projects with ultra-fast turnaround!

Go through our one-of-a-kind interactive Excel and VBA Tutorials:

  • VBA - Learn to start coding your first macros
  • Excel Functions - learn 30 of the most-used Excel Functions
  • Keyboard Shortcuts - Work faster with time-saving shortcuts

Create a free account to save your progress and receive a certificate of completion after finishing the courses!


Try our VBA Code Builder: AutoMacro

  • Generate VBA code with just a click of the button.
  • Simply select your desired code from AutoMacro's menus within the Visual Basic Editor
  • Save your own frequently used code (or share with your team)
  • & much more

Learn VBA - an Interactive Tutorial for Beginners

Get started learning VBA with our 100% free interactive tutorial!

Premium Add-ins and Training

Our premium tools help you get more done, in less time.


AutoMACRO: VBA Code GEnerator

Our premium VBA Add-in generates VBA code from scratch.

Code Library - Select one of our 150+ ready-to-use code fragments to insert into your VBA module

Object Builder - Easily work with Ranges, Columns & Rows, Sheets, and Workbooks

Custom Code - Save your code, to use in the future and/or share with your team

& more


Shortcut Coach

Learn shortcuts effortlessly as you work.

When you use the mouse perform an action that could have been done with a keyboard shortcut a small pop up box will appear in the corner of your screen showing you the relevant keyboard shortcut. Continue working, make note of the shortcut, and over-time you'll learn keyboard shortcuts!


Spreadsheet Boot Camp

Learn Excel quickly and easily with our fully-immersive Excel "Boot Camp".

Spreadsheet Boot Camp is contained entirely inside an Excel workbook, allowing you to learn Excel quickly and at your own pace.

Automate Excel and Save Time

Automating Excel can save you massive amounts of time! That's time that can be spent doing more important work (or better yet, not working)

Make use of our free resources to improve your Excel / VBA skills or hire our Excel Automation Experts!

Learn Excel Automation

Our free Interactive Excel & VBA Tutorials allow you to go at your own pace, save your progress, and pick up where you left off! You should be able to learn much faster and painlessly, while retaining more knowledge than youtube videos or other methods of training!

Excel "Automation" is more than just learning how to create Macros with VBA:

  • Learn how to use the best Excel Functions with our Excel Formulas tutorial
  • Learn massive time-saving keyboard shortcuts with our free interactive shortcut app

Of course the best way to automate Excel is by learning VBA:

  • Still want to learn VBA? Great! we have a tutorial for that as well!

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