Shortcut Coach: Learn Shortcuts Effortlessly as You Work!

  • Shortcut Coach allows you to learn shortcuts effortlessly as you work.
  • Simply use Excel as you normally would. Then when you use the mouse to perform an action (instead of a keyboard shortcut) Shortcut Coach will show you the shortcut you should have used.  Continue working as normal, and overtime you'll start to master those keyboard shortcuts!
Features Experienced VBA Users will love:

Identify Most-impactful Shortcuts to Learn:

AutoMacro displays a list of actions, their associated shortcuts, and the number of times you activated the command WITHOUT using the shortcut.  By analyzing this data, you know which shortcuts will be most useful to memorize!

To see this list, or change Shortcut Coach's settings, go the Shortcut Coach icon in the toolbar:


Click to Download


To install the file, simply click the download link above. Then click the Shortcut Coach downloaded file in your browser (see image below) or navigate to your download folder and double-click the MSI file.

You may see a warning message. This is a standard Windows warning message that appears when trying to install software from smaller software publishers. You can ignore it and click "run" or "install". If you are running Windows 10 (or possibly other versions), you may need to click "show more" before the "run" option appears.

​Enable / Disable

Once you install the add-in, you can easily enable or disable it:

To Disable it, go to Developer > COM Add-ins > Shortcut Coach .


It's easy to completely uninstall Shortcut Coach from your computer.

1. Go to Windows > Control Panel

2. Go to 'Uninstall a Program'

3. Find 'Shortcut Coach', right-click on it, and choose uninstall.


If you're experiencing any issues follow these steps:

1. Unload the add-in and then reload it (See section "Enable / Disable" above)

2. Close and restart Excel

3. Email

What are you waiting for?

Mastering keyboard shortcuts saves you massive amounts of time!

When I first started working with Excel, I'd become frustrated with how much time I spent doing tedious work. I'd slowly move the mouse across the screen, click one button, then move the mouse back to click a cell and so on. I was wasting hours of my life each week.

I knew I needed to learn more shortcuts, but in the moment it was so much easier to use the mouse than to look up the shortcut online or look at the cheatsheet next to my desk. Shortcut Coach is the perfect solution to this problem!

Simply work as you usually would and you'll learn shortcuts effortlessly as you work.