Sorting Data

  1. Highlight the data
  2. image018

  3. From the toolbar select Data > Sort…
  4. Select your sort and order (up to 3 sorts can be applied simultaneously).
  5. image020

  6. Click OK. The data should now be sorted alphabetically by Service Centre.
  7. image023

Rarely does the need arise for me to sort data horizontally, or left to right. Today however I had needed to sort some data by column headers, and fortunately, it’s very easy in Excel.

1. Highlight the Data to Sort

2. On the Main Menu select Data->Sort

3. In the Sort Dialogue Box click the Options Button

4. In the new window select Sort left to right

sort horizontally

Sorting by Rows or from Top to Bottom is not the only way to sort in Excel. Here is a tip for sorting from left to right.

1. Select the data to be sorted

2. On the main menu click Data

3. Click Sort

4. At the bottom of the Sort box click the Options button

5. Select the radio button next to “Sort left to right” and hit OK

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