Excel Automation Software

There is an important new trend in the realm of Excel automation that, until now, has received scant attention. In the past, the only way to automate Excel functionality and to integrate Excel with other applications was to become a professional visual basic developer and learn VBA scripting. However, most power users of Excel who need to automate their spreadsheets and applications are not coders; instead, they are savvy business users. They understand how to organize and manipulate data in order to transform it into meaningful information, but they do not understand how to write code and scripts. So unless these business users have VBA coders as friends – coders who will volunteer their time to automate their buddies’ spreadsheets – these business users are flat out of luck. Their only recourse was to figure out – through time-consuming trial and error – how to incorporate scripts into their spreadsheets.

Until now.

Network Automation’s “AutoMate” software enables users to automate Excel functions and to integrate Excel spreadsheets with enterprise applications and databases – all without writing code. This software liberates and empowers power Excel users (who don’t know scripting and VBA) to create complex automation macros and integrate Excel with the other applications. At the same time, it makes professional developers much more productive, slashing development time by more than 50% and adding critical code management features such as error-handling and notification that VBA coders usually neglect. In short, this software can help you turbo-charge a wide range of Excel functionality without the need for code and scripting.

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So why haven’t most Excel business users ever heard of or been exposed to this type of software?

One of the reasons is that most of the software vendors in this realm market themselves under the banner of “automation software”, rather than “Excel automation software.” Excel automation only comprises a small slice of what these products offer, which typically includes a wide array of tools for automating and integrating many different applications and business processes. For example, Network Automation’s product “AutoMate” supports:

Excel automation
database automation via queries and transactions
file transport FTP / SFTP / Secure FTP automation as well as HTTP / HTTPS
file-based automation for copying/moving files and extracting data from them
email automation (POP3, Microsoft Exchange, SMTP, etc.)
telnet and terminal emulation automation for integrating legacy applications with Excel
Active Directory automation
file-encryption/decryption automation
SOAP and web service automation
WMI and SNMP automation
GUI and macro automation, plus much more.
As you can see AutoMate does much, much more than just Excel automation.
But isn’t that really the point? Business users want to automate tasks which include Excel and other applications, so a flexible tool that enables necessary cross-application automation and integration is exactly what these business users need. AutoMate provides drag-and-drop, fill-in-the-blank, plain-English tools that are very intuitive. Savvy business users who understand the logic of the tasks and processes they need to automate and integrate will find this tool very powerful, yet, easy to use.
If you need to automate Excel functionality or integrate Excel with other applications (e.g., databases, email, file-based data, corporate applications, and more), but you don’t want to write and manage code, then AutoMate may be the right tool for you.