Excel Formula – Calculate Current Quarter of the Year

This Excel Tutorial covers how to calculate the current quarter (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4) from a date.

To calculate the current quarter from a date, use the following formula:
Calculate the Current Quarter in Excel

The MONTH Function

The MONTH Function returns the current month for a given date. You can enter the date directly into the MONTH Function by using quotations (ex. “2/1/2015”) or reference a cell that contains a date.
Returns: 2

Next you want to divide the month number by 3. Why 3? There are 3 months in a quarter.
Returns: .667

The ROUNDUP Function

The ROUNDUP Function rounds a number up to the nearest specified level of significance. So, if the current month is February. The Month will return 2. Divide 2 by 3 and get .667. Round .667 up and get 1, for Q1.

Result: 1

If you’d like you can add a “Q” to the quarter so it reads “Q1” instead of “1”.

="Q" & ROUNDUP(MONTH(date)/3,0)
Result: Q1

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