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This tutorial demonstrates how to use the Excel IFERROR Function to catch formula errors, replacing them with another formula, blank value, 0, or a custom message.

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IFERROR Function Overview

The IFERROR Function Checks if a formula results in an error. If FALSE, return the original result of the formula. If TRUE, return another specified value.



Function Inputs:

value – An expression. Example: 4/A1

value_if_error – An expression. Example: 4/A1

value – Value or Calculation to perform if the previous input results in an error. Example 0 or “” (blank)


Formula Examples:

iferror function examples

Example Formula Result
No Error =IFERROR(C5,D5) 1
Error =IFERROR(C6,D6) “error”
Error – Display Blank =IFERROR(C7,””)
Error – Do 2nd Calc =IFERROR(5/C8,5/D8)

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