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Spreadsheet Boot Camp: The Complete Excel Tutorial


Spreadsheet Boot Camp works inside an Excel spreadsheet to provide the most time efficient, comprehensive, and applicable tutorial for mastering Excel functionality. With approximately 70 lessons categorized into 21 skill sets, Spreadsheet Boot Camp is the ideal tool for students, professionals, and managers seeking a thorough understanding and quick implementation of any aspect of Excel’s operations.


Designed to maximize learning retention, Spreadsheet Boot Camp offers detailed, interactive instruction coupled with exercises drawn from real world projects. This allows users to comprehend the complete functionality of Excel within a structured but self-regulated environment, maximizing the practicality of the skills accessed and driving efficiency through early and continuous implementation.

This three-tiered approach to learning is evident in the first chapter, which delineates best navigation techniques; in the exercises, which were compiled with input from training leaders at top firms; and throughout the program, as each menu item or tool is accompanied by its keyboard shortcut. Finally, Spreadsheet Boot Camp includes several “best practice” sections that demonstrate how to design, edit, and review spreadsheets for
next level presentation.


Spreadsheet Boot Camp covers basic topics such as navigation, formatting, and functions; intermediate applications like filtering, pivot tables, and conditional formatting; and advanced topics includiformula and macro compositionols. Each topic is rated by difficulty and categorized by application, allowing experienced users to breeze over familiar topics while beginners are able concentrate on the basics. A tracking system allows users to monitor progress.


In any industry, the strongest pitch is led with the strongest data, and efficiently generating that data is the key to quality decision-making. In Spreadsheet Boot Camp, efficiency means generating results with higher frequency while making sure to avoid expensive mistakes – the cost of correcting an error after it is discovered far exceeds the cost of processing a high quality document. Through close reading and consistent practice with the Boot Camp program, actions per minute will increase dramatically while mistakes will vanish, and the user will ultimately be able to operate more efficiently without even using a mouse.


Spreadsheet Boot Camp was created with input from training leaders at Aon and KPMG and the exercise sets are populated with example projects drawn from real life. The program covers creative solutions for common problems while introducing new strategies for more novel and specific applications. Additionally, the Best Practice sections outline the best way to design, edit, review, and present spreadsheets from a manager’s perspective. For those at an early career level, the skills learned through Spreadsheet Boot Camp will be sure to impress.

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