Convert Excel to Wap/WML – View in Cell Phone

How do you export Excel data to be viewed from a cell phone or mobile device?

The following is a basic example of using a macro to export one column from an Excel spreadsheet to a Wml(Wireless Markup Language) file, which can be uploaded to your server and accessed from a cell phone.

The experiment: I have a list in column A of Sheet1 in Excel with the track listing from the CD: Perfect Circle – Mer De Noms . First I want to Export the data from Excel in Wml format, second, upload to my server, and finally view the tracklist from my cell phone’s browser. A graphical representation:

wap circle

To accomplish this I used a VBA macro and Wml. For a basic understanding of Wml I refer you to another tutorial from w3schools.

You can view the final result of my Excel to Wap experiment at the following address:

and can do so in your mobile device’s browser, copy and paste the address into a wap emulator, or by viewing this very blurry picture (time for a new digital camera!).

Try it Yourself

1. Copy the following code to a Module in Excel (help?)

2. Place some text in Column A of Sheet1 and Save your Workbook

3. Run the Macro

4. A Wml file will be created in the same folder as the workbook you have open.

5. Upload the Wml file to your server and view in cell phone.

Credit: “Write to text file” code is a derivative of J-walk’s log users.

Conclusion: After my short introduction to Wml it also appears feasible to create multiple pages from data, and create a menu of links for multiple sets of data. I would also like to research an application to present the user with a way to search a large dataset exported from Excel data.

Any opinions or ideas on the topic of exporting Excel to Wml, particularly possible uses, or other thoughts?

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