Snap Objects to Grid

When trying to resize or position objects such as charts, autoshapes, or controls on a spreadsheet, with the intent of aligning them to edges of cells, you can hold down the ALT key while doing so. This will have the effect of “snapping” the object to the cells.

snap to excel gridIn this image the grouped object is sized perfectly to a rang of cells. The howto:

To Resize an Object to the Size of a Range:

1. Click the Object once to turn on the Resize handles (You may need to enter design mode for some objects, try right clicking the object, or use the option on the VB toolbar)

2. Hold the ALT key down while you drag the handles

To Position an Object’s Edge to a Cell’s Edge

1. Hold the ALT key down while you move the object

For the VBA method to accomplish the same goal, have a look at VBA to Size an Object to a Range Size