Print Comments in Excel

Excel allows you to display comments on the screen, but by default the comments will not print with your spreadsheets.
This tutorial will teach you several different methods to print comments in your spreadsheets.

Print Comments – Review Ribbon Method:

1. If you have more than one worksheet, select the one that contains the comments you want to print (If you are only working with one worksheet, you can skip this step)
2. To print the spreadsheet with all comments:
Navigate to the Review tab, in the Comments group, and click Show All Comments. Instead of You can use the ALT shortcut: ALT + R + A .

Show All Comments in Excel

3. To display a selected series of comments to print:
Navigate to the Review tab, in the Comments group, and click Show/Hide Comment. Alternatively, you can select the cell, right-click it, and select Show/Hide Comment to make the comment disappear

Show or Hide Comments in Excel

Tip: All comments can be resized or dragged to different locations to not overlap data content

Resize or Drag Comments

Click on the desired cell to make the comment appear like this:

Move or Resize Comments in Excel

To move, simply drag the box to desired location
To resize, drag the corners and sides of the box

Excel allows two options to print comments:

Print Comments – Using Page Layout Ribbon

1. Navigate to Page Layout tab, in the Sheet Options group, click the More button (Shortcut ALT > P > SO).

Print Comments with Page Layout Ribbon Menu

2. The Page Setup window will open. Within this window, click on the Sheet tab(if necessary). In the Print section, select the drop down button on the Comments option.

Print Comments VBA

Three options are displayed:
None – Excel’s default setting. No comments will be printed.
At end of sheet – Comments will be printed BUT they will be printed in a separate sheet, rather than on the same sheet with the data
As displayed on sheet – Comments will be printed like they are displayed on the screen

3. Select either At end of sheet
Print Comments at the End of the Worksheet

or As displayed on sheet.

Print Comments - Exactly As Displayed on Sheet

Click “Ok”. Your spreadsheet is ready to print.

4. Print preview the spreadsheet by pressing Ctrl + P.

Print Comments – Using Print Page

1. Navigate to the Print page or Ctrl + P, on the bottom right of the window click “Page Setup”
2. The “Page Setup window opens. In the same window, click on the Sheet tab.
In the Print section, select the drop down button on the Comments option. Three options will be display. To learn more on these options, head over to Option 1 – Step 2.
3. You spreadsheet is ready to print.

Print Comments on Multiple Worksheets

To print comments on multiple worksheets, use any of the methods above, except first you must select all the worksheet tabs that you wish to print. Do this by holding down CTRL or SHIFT as you select the appropriate worksheet tabs at the bottom of your workbook.

Print Comments using VBA

You can also use VBA to print comments in Excel using the code below.

[convertkit form=4869970]

Enter this code prior to printing:

'Make Worksheet Comments Visible
Application.DisplayCommentIndicator = xlCommentAndIndicator

'Option 1: Print Comments as Displayed on the Sheet
ActiveSheet.PageSetup.PrintComments = xlPrintInPlace

'Option 2: Print Comments at the end of the Sheet
ActiveSheet.PageSetup.PrintComments = xlPrintSheetEnd

To turn off Print Comments add this line of code:

Worksheet.PageSetup.PrintComments = xlPrintNoComments

For more information about printing in Excel visit Microsoft’s Website