VBA Add-in – Download & Walkthrough

VBA Add-in: Download, Installation, & Walkthrough


Click the download button to download out VBA add-in.

Note: Please read the walkthrough below!  It contains important information about technical issues you will encounter.


  1. Download the file above
  2. Open Excel and go to: File >Options, Trust Center.  Trust Center > Macro Settings
    Make sure "Trust access to the VBA project object model" is checked.
  3. Make sure the Developer Ribbon is visible:
vba developer ribbon

         3. If the Developer Ribbon is not visible then follow the instructions titled Add Developer Ribbon.

         4. Go to Developer (1) > Excel Add-Ins (2) > Browse (3).  Then browse for your file.  After you select you file, make sure you see a checkmark next to "Automacro_Basic" (4)

vba add in install

         5. Your add-in is now installed!  To disable the add-in, simply uncheck the box.


This add-in was designed entirely with VBA. This can be convenient because you don't need to install anything, but VBA has limitations. As a result of these limitations, the add-in will stop functioning periodically (note: this happens when VBA "loses focus".. There's no good solution (as far as we know!), so we built in a "reset" button. To activate the reset, go to the AutomateExcel.com Ribbon > Restore VBA Add-in.  Alternatively, we suggest reviewing the premium (non-VBA) version below. It doesn't require any resets, has many more (better organized) code fragments, VBA code generators, the ability to save your own code, and much more.


AutoMacro is an add-in that installs directly into the Visual Basic Editor:

vba code writer

It comes loaded with code generators, an extensive code library, the ability to create your own code library, and other time-saving features.

VBA Code Builders to Generate Code to Meet Your Specific Needs

AutoMacro contains four Code Builder "wizards" that allow you to generate complex code to meet your specific needs:

File Processing Wizard - Loop through all files in a directory and do something with them: open, delete, merge, etc.. Create specific file criteria to determine which files to open (ex. file name starts with "Auto")

MessageBox Builder - Easily create message boxes that contain specific buttons and icons.

Procedure Builder - Create procedures (subs or functions) with specific settings. Beginners won't need to waste time remembering how to create procedures, and advanced users can save time.

Format Builder - Select and Preview different number formats before developing code. No more guess work!

vba file creator

Easily Insert Code From AutoMacro's Code Library

AutoMacro's code library contains over 200 commonly used code fragments. You will find ready-to-use code to find the last used column, create a yes/no messagebox, open a workbook to a variable, loop through all files in a directory, and much more!

Access the code fragments easily by clicking the menus (see above) with the mouse, or via keyboard shortcuts.

Build Your Own Code Library by Saving Commonly Used Code

Save your own commonly used code fragments to use or to share with your colleagues.

Simply highlight the code, click "Add Code", and your code will be saved for future use.

Custom Code fragments are saved to a folder accessible on your hard drive. You can add folders to organize your code, or change the folder location.

You can even set the Custom Code folder location to a shared network drive, allowing your team to easily share code.

Time-Saving Features & Shortcuts

vba code indenter
vba code indented

AutoMacro was designed to help you work faster. With that in mind, almost all features are accessible via keyboard shortcuts. In addition to that, there are several other time-saving features:

VBA Code Indenter - Automatically apply "best-practice" indentation to your VBA code. If you inherit a workbook with poorly indented code, run the code indenter to make the code readable.

Comment/Uncomment Lines of Code - Easily comment/uncomment multiple lines of code at once. Note: our commenter is smart enough to handle multiple lines of code with different comment status.

Remove Excess Line Breaks - This feature removes any excess line breaks (beyond 2 consecutive). Use this in conjunction with the VBA Code Indenter to make your code consistent and easy to read.

Bookmark Navigation - Easily "Bookmark" your code with keyboard shortcuts, and navigate to the next/previous bookmark with additional shortcuts!