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What is AutoMacro?

AutoMacro is an add-in that installs directly into the Visual Basic Editor:

vba code generator
icon code builder

VBA Code Builders

  • Generate VBA Code From Scratch
  • Loops Builder, Array Builder, MessageBox Builder, File Processing Wizard, Procedure Builder, and Format Builder

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​VBA Code Library

  • Save You Own Code
  • Use one of our 200+ ready-to-use code fragments

VBA Code Tools

  • VBA coding tools to help you work faster

A Video Walkthrough of AutoMacro!

  • Are you tired of searching online for simple VBA code?

  • Are you a typical Excel user trying to learn VBA, but you don't know where to start?

  • Are you an experienced VBA programmer looking for time-saving features?

  • AutoMacro makes VBA Coding easy(er) for users of all experience levels!

AutoMacro Code Builder Wizards

VBA Code Builders to Generate Code to Meet Your Specific Needs

AutoMacro contains four Code Builder "wizards" that allow you to generate complex code to meet your specific needs:

File Processing Wizard - Loop through all files in a directory and do something with them: open, delete, merge, etc.. Create specific file criteria to determine which files to open (ex. file name starts with "Auto")

MessageBox Builder - Easily create message boxes that contain specific buttons and icons.

Procedure Builder - Create procedures (subs or functions) with specific settings. Beginners won't need to waste time remembering how to create procedures, and advanced users can save time.

Format Builder - Select and Preview different number formats before developing code. No more guess work!