Excel VBA Consulting

Excel & VBA Automation will help you save time, reduce costs, reduce errors, and increase actionable insights.

Time & Money Savings

Reduced Errors

Standardized Processes


Improved Analysis

Common Projects

Automate Data Prep

Process large amounts of data with a press of a button.

  • Merge data sets from different sources
  • Identify and process duplicate records
  • Delete records not matching certain criteria
  • Clean and standardize data fields: dates, names, and more

Custom Dashboards

Impress clients or management with crisp, clean, and interactive dashboards

  • Hide proprietary calculations from clients
  • Protect valuable calculations from user-error
  • Create visually impressive interfaces to make data analysis quick and easy
  • Easy-to-understand summary reports

Spreadsheet Templates

Create new (or enhance existing) spreadsheets for any process. 

  • Spreadsheets designed with "best practices" to minimize errors, processing time, and maximize transparency
  • Budgeting or forecasting spreadsheets
  • Custom calculations
  • Design anything for specific business needs

Meet Me


Steve Rynearson

Excel / VBA Developer

Consulting Packages

I specialize in smaller projects, providing ultra-fast turn-around. However, I do also take on some long-term projects. Contact me to discuss further.

Turn-around time based on typical ~10-hour project.


1-2 week turn-around

  • check
  • check
    Remote Excel/VBA development
  • check
    Fully-commented, easy-to-follow code
  • check
    VBA Coaching

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2-4 day turn-around

  • check
  • check
    Remote Excel/VBA  development
  • check
    Fully-commented, easy-to-follow code
  • check
    VBA Coaching

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ASAP turn-around

  • check
  • check
    Remote Excel/VBA development
  • check
    Fully-commented, easy-to-follow code
  • check
    VBA Coaching

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Where are you from?  I live in the United States (Austin, TX), so I'm a native English speaker. I also can speak non-geek and can communicate technical details to non-technical people.

How do we pay?  You can pay securely via Paypal (preferred method for smaller projects). If Paypal is not an option (or for larger projects), we can discuss alternative means of payment

How do you manage sensitive data?  I have extensive experience working with HIPAA data and I am aware of the legal and privacy concerns of any PI data.  Before proceeding with such projects, I will check with you to see if there are ways we can "sanitize" the data.  At your request, I will delete all files upon completion of the project.

Automate Excel and Save Time

Automating Excel can save you massive amounts of time! That's time that can be spent doing more important work.

Excel VBA Consulting

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