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Excel also allows almost unlimited chart customizations, by which you can create many advanced chart types, not found in Excel. Below you will also find these advanced chart templates available for download.

You will also find some chart templates available for download for standard Excel charts.

Instead, click here if you are looking for information about creating, saving, and using Chart Templates within Excel.

Advanced Chart Templates

gauge chart free template download

Gauge Chart

Also known as: Dial Chart, Speedometer Chart

Description: Gauge charts use needles to show information as a reading on a dial. They are often used when comparing KPIs or business results against a stated goal.

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Tornado chart in Excel

Tornado Chart

Also known as: Sales Funnel Chart, Butterfly Chart

Description: A Tornado Chart is a modified version of the bar chart where the data categories are displayed vertically in a way that resembles a tornado.

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Burndown Chart

Also known as: N/A

Description: Burndown charts represent work left to do vs. time. It is useful for predicting when all work will be completed.

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step chart free template download

Step Chart

Also known as: N/A

Description: A Step Chart is a line chart that uses vertical and horizontal lines to connect data points in a series, creating a step-like progression.

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thermometer chart template free download

Thermometer Chart

Also known as: Goal Chart

Description: Thermometer charts show the current completed percentage of a task or goal relative to the goal.

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Quadrant chart in Excel

Quadrant Chart

Also known as: N/A

Description: Quadrant charts are scatter charts with a background that is divided into four equal sections, allowing you to categorize data points into the four quadrants

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Ogive graph in Excel

Ogive Chart

Also known as: Cumulative Frequency Graph

Description: Ogive charts are graphs used in statistics to illustrate cumulative frequencies.

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Bullet graph in Excel

Bullet Chart

Also known as: Steven Few's Bullet Graph

Description: A modified column or bar chart used for tracking performance(s) against goal(s). Alternative to Gauge chart.

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mekko chart template

Mekko Chart

Also known as: Marimekko Chart, Mosaic Plot

Description: 2D stacked chart where the column width usually represents the relative size of a segment and the height breaks down each segment.

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bell curve plot template

Normal Distribution Curve

Also known as: Bell Curve, Gaussian Curve, Bell Plot

Description: Symmetrical graph that illustrates the tendency of data to cluster around the mean.

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stem and leaf plot free template

Stem and Leaf Plot

Also known as: Stemplot

Description: Diagram that splits each data point into a "stem" (the first number(s)) and "leaf" (usually last digit) to display the frequency distribution of a data set.

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Polar plot free template

Polar Plot

Also known as: N/A

Description: A polar plot is used to define points in space within what is called the polar coordinate system.

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venn diagram template download

Venn Diagram

Also known as: N/A

Description: A Venn Diagram uses circles to show relationships among sets where sets have some commonalities.

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Panel chart in Excel free template

Panel Chart

Also known as: N/A

Description: Panel charts are charts that have multiple regions, each region displaying a different set of data, rather than showing all data in a single region.

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Timeline chart free Excel template

Timeline Chart

Also known as: Milestone Chart

Description: Timeline charts are used to visualize status of projects in chronological order.

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Excel progress chart free template

Progress (Bar and Circle) Charts

Also known as: N/A

Description: Progress charts are used to display your progress towards a goal.

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Population Pyramid Graph Excel

Population Pyramid

Also known as: N/A

Description: Population Pyramids are used to visually display subsets within a population.

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Final Graph with Percentage Changes in Excel

Percentage Change / Variance Chart

Also known as: N/A

Description: Percentage Change / Variance Charts show secondary information on a bar chart.

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Excel Basic Chart Templates

column chart template free download

Column Charts

Description: A Column Chart is a data visualization where each item is represented by a rectangle, where the magnitude of the values determines the height of the rectangle.

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bar chart free template download

Bar Charts

Description: A Bar Chart is a data visualization where each item is represented by a rectangle, where the magnitude of the values determines the width of the rectangle.

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area chart free template download

Area Charts

Description: An Area Chart is similar to a line chart, except the area below the line is colored in to emphasize magnitude.

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Standard Line Chart Header

Line Charts

Description: A line chart is a graph that uses lines to connect individual data points over a time interval.

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A custom Pareto chart

Pareto Chart

Description: A Pareto Chart is a hybrid of column and line charts that displays the relative importance of factors in a data set.

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Waterfall chart free template

Waterfall Chart

Also Known As: Bridge Chart, Flying Bricks Chart, Cascade Chart, or Mario Chart

Description: A Waterfall Chart visually breaks down the cumulative impact of sequential positive or negative values on a final outcome (ex. various income and expense items on the final profitability).

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Sales funnel chart free template

Sales Funnel Chart

Description: A Sales Funnel Chart dissects different stages of a process, typically sorting the values in descending order (from largest to smallest) in a way that visually looks like a funnel—hence the name.

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candlestick chart excel

Candlestick Charts

Description: A candlestick chart shows the open, high, low, close prices of an asset over a period of time.

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