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At AutomateExcel you will find a massive collection of the best free resources, tutorials, premium add-ins, and consulting services to help you Automate Excel - increasing productivity and profitability.

The essential VBA Add-In: Generate code from scratch and insert ready-to-use code fragments.

We offer several free interactive Excel and VBA tutorials, as well as, many other examples and mini-tutorial

Pro Excel and VBA consulting. Hire us to automate repetitive tasks, reduce errors and improve efficiency.

Benefits of Excel Automation

  • Fewer man-hours spent on non-value-added tasks.
  • Reduction in human errors
  • Frees up time for higher-level work
  • Faster turn-around time
  • Better reporting
What We Do

Excel Automation Help

Microsoft Excel is an extremely powerful data tool due to its ease of use. Anyone can open and manipulate a spreadsheet with minimal training. However, because Excel is so simple to use, many companies and individuals don't prioritize automating Excel. By not automating Excel, companies save on short-term training and development time, but in the long run they lose out on many more hours of productivity. Automating Excel has many other benefits as well, including reducing errors and improved reporting.

Small companies, small business units, government organizations, and NPOs are especially vulnerable to lost productivity from not automating Excel. Often they don't have the resources or capacity to hire a full-time developer. Instead these groups could benefit from the help of Excel Automation Experts.

Here at Automate Excel we take on projects big and small. Whether you need a long-term data expert or just need someone to automate a small process, we can help!

Examples of Short Term Projects

Merge Files

Merge Files together with a click of a button.

Clean Data

Clean or validate data. Reformat fields, delete specific records, and more.

Create Dashboards

Create interactive dashboards to summarize data

Examples of Long Term Projects

Monthly Data Maintenance

Maintain monthly data processing. Validate data, check for errors, and prepare summaries

Develop Estimating Applications

Develop spreadsheets for cost planning, budgeting, forecasting, and sensitivity-analysis

Excel and VBA Consulting

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How to Automate Excel

Excel automation primarily involves coding in VBA. VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications. VBA is a variation of the Visual Basic language designed to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Office applications (hence the name) like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

Our Interactive VBA Tutorial will teach you about the following topics:

  1. VBA Basics
  2. Variables
  3. Conditional Logic
  4. Loops
  5. Adv. Cell Referencing
  6. Msg & Input Boxes
  7. Events
  8. Settings
  9. Adv. Procedures
  10. Arrays

A screen shot from our interactive VBA tutorial.

Our tutorial is designed to get you coding as fast as possible!  We'll give you a brief description, show you an example, and then ask you to complete an exercise. We won't go in depth on coding theory, or give needlessly long descriptions. We keep things short and sweet!

Learn VBA Tutorial

A screen shot of the Macro Recorder in Excel.

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Using the Macro Recorder

You can also automate Excel without any coding knowledge by using the Macro Recorder. The Macro Recorder records your actions as VBA code, allowing you to repeat those exact actions again by running the macro.

By using the Macro Recorder, you can "code" some of your actions and then review and edit the code to better fit your needs. This is how many Excel users become introduced to VBA! They slowly learn VBA as they try to adapt macros.  We love the Macro Recorder as it helps non-programmers get introduced to VBA, but we strongly recommend going through our VBA Tutorial to save time when trying to adapt macro recorded code.

Our Interactive VBA Tutorial will show you how to automate Excel by using the Macro Recorder.

Learn VBA Tutorial


Excel Automation Tools

For advanced users, learn about Excel Automation Tools for VBA, Python, SQL, C#, M, Java, C++, and D.


For everyone else interested in Excel automation, we recommend reviewing our AutoMacro add-in:

AutoMacro is designed to make VBA coding easy(er) for everyone.  Instead of searching online for example code, simply use the the menus to insert ready-to-use code. Use the advanced code builders to build complex code for your specific needs, without needing to know how to code it yourself!

  • VBA Code library - 200+ code fragments for common tasks (insert a column, find last used row, etc.)
  • VBA Code Generators - Generate ready-to-use code without knowing any VBA at all. Simply use the code generator interfaces to select your desired options and insert the code directly into the Visual Basic Editor. (See example below)
  • Save Your Own Code - Save your own frequently used code fragments or share code with colleagues
  • Time-saving Features - Many other time-saving features like shortcuts to bookmark code, indent code, remove excess line-breaks, smart-commenting, and more

Quickly generate code to loop through objects.

Free Help!

Excel Automation Examples

Need VBA code for a specific automation purpose? Visit our VBA Code Examples page:

VBA Code Examples

Other Excel Resources!

Other Excel Examples

AutomateExcel contains many other non-VBA/Macro related resources as well. Below you will find links to our amazing, one-of-a-kind, interactive tutorials. Below that you will find links to lists with hundreds of examples for Excel shortcuts, functions, and formulas examples.

You can also visit the Start Here page for a more detailed list of the free resources available at AutomateExcel.

Interactive Tutorials

Detailed Examples