How to Get Rid of the Red Triangle in Google Sheets

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Mel Jenkins

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Last updated on February 8, 2023

This tutorial demonstrates how to get rid of the red (error) triangle in Google Sheets.


red triangle visible


A red triangle appearing in the top-right corner of a cell in a Google Sheet indicates an error.

Data Validation Warning

If you have a data validation rule in your cell and the value entered does not fall within the restrictions, then a red triangle is shown. To remove the red triangle, ensure that the value you enter falls within the range allowed.


red-triangle data validation error


Type in a valid value to remove the triangle. (There might be an input or error message set up for the data validation rule to help you.)


red-triangle data validation remove


Formula Error

A red triangle appears if there is an error in your formula.


red triangle formula error


If you have entered a formula incorrectly, it returns the #NAME message.


red-triangle formula name error


To remove the red triangle, fix the formula.


red-triangle formula error fixed


Lookup Error

You’ll also see the red triangle if you use the VLOOKUP or HLOOKUP Function in Google Sheets and the value is not found.


red-triangle formula lookup error


The only way to remove this error is to change the lookup formula; it may be that you have not included the correct range to look up!

Value Error

A value error occurs if you have tried to include data in a formula that is not actually a number.


red triangle value error


You can’t stop these red triangles from being visible if you still have an error in your Google Sheets. They help you see where the error is and help to solve it!

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