Excel Chart Types

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Excel provides almost 50 ready-to-use chart types. Excel also allows almost unlimited chart customization, by which you can create many other common chart types.

The list below links out to our chart tutorials on Excel’s built-in charts as well as advanced custom charts.

Excel Charts
Excel Built-in Chartsyes
Column Charts: Stacked, Clustered
Bar Charts: Stacked, Clustered
Area Charts
Line Charts
Candlestick Charts
Pareto Chart
Waterfall Chart
Sales Funnel Chart
Advanced Custom Chartsyes
Gauge / Dial Chart
Tornado Chart
Burndown Chart
Step Chart
Thermometer Chart
Quadrant Chart
Bullet Chart
Ogive Chart
Bell Curve / Normal Distribution Plot
Stem & Leaf Chart
Mekko Chart
Venn Diagram
Polar Plot
Venn Diagram
Panel Chart
Timeline Chart
Progress Charts
Sales Funnel Chart
Floating Bar Chart
Forest Plot
Frequency Polygon
Arrow Chart
Percentage Graph
Time Series Graph
Percentage Change Chart
Show Percentage in Pie Chart
Dot Plot
Q-Q Plot
Log-Log Plot
Normal Probability Plot
Charts Tips & Tricksyes
Add or Move Data Labels
Add Data Series
Add Average Line
Add Data Points
Add Error Bars
Add Gridlines
Add Line of Best Fit
Add Title
Break Chart Axis
Calculate Area Under Curve
Plot Residuals
Change Bar Chart Width
Change Chart Colors
Chart Axis Text Instead of Numbers
Copy Chart Format
Create Chart with Date or Time
Curve Fitting
Export Chart as PDF
Add Axis Labels
Add Secondary Axis
Change Chart Series Name
Change Horizontal Axis Values
Create Chart in a Cell
Graph an Equation or Function
Overlay Two Graphs
Plot Multiple Lines
Rotate Pie Chart
Switch X and Y Axis
Insert Textbox
Move Chart to New Sheet
Move Horizontal Axis to Bottom
Move Vertical Axis to Left
Remove Gridlines
Reverse a Chart
Rotate a Chart
Rounded Corners or Shadows
Create, Save, & Use Excel Chart Templates
Dynamic Chart Titles
Chart Conditional Formatting
Dynamic Chart Range
Animated Charts
Interactive / Dynamic Charts

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Excel Chart FAQs

How many chart types does Excel offer?

Excel offers almost 50 chart types. Including bar charts, pie charts, and much more. Excel also allows virtually limitless customization options allowing you to create advanced charts.

How to change chart style in Excel?

To change the chart style in Excel, select your chart, go to Chart Design > Chart Styles, and select an alternate chart style.

How to change chart type in Excel?

To change the chart type in Excel, select your chart, go to Chart Design > Change Chart Type, and select an alternate chart type.