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Last updated on June 14, 2022

This tutorial will demonstrate how to change Number Values to Text in Y Axis in Excel

Changing Number Values to Text in Excel

We’ll start with the below information. This graph shows each individual rating for a product between 1 and 5.

Starting Graph to Change Numbers to Text Graph Excel


Below is the text that we would like to show for each of the ratings.

Number Text Table for Graph Chart in Excel


Create a table like below to show the Ratings, A column with all zeros, and the name of each

Create Ratings Table for Graph Chart in Excel

Add Ratings Series

  1. Right click on the Graph
  2. Click Select Data

Select Data to Replace Number Y Axis to Text Excel


3. Click on Add under Series

Add Series for Text Numbers Graph in Excel


4. Select the Header for the Series Name

5. Select the Series Value for the Values and click OK.

Add New Series to Replace Numbers with Text Excel


Format XY Series

  1. Right click Graph
  2. Select Change Chart Type

Change Chart Type Numbers to Scatterplot Chart in Excel


3. Click on Combo

4. Select Graph next to XY Chart

5. Select Scatterplot

Change New Series to Scatterplot in Chart Graph in Excel


6. Select Scatterplot Series

7. Click Select Data

Select New Data to Replace Numbers with Text on Y Axis Excel


8. Select XY Chart Series

9. Click Edit

Edit XY Chart Series in Graph Chart in Excel


10. Select X Value with the 0 Values and click OK.

Update XY Values to Scatterplot to show values in Excel


Change Labels

  1. While clicking the new series, select the + Sign in the top right of the graph
  2. Select Data Labels
  3. Click on Arrow and click Left

Update Labels for Y Axis in Graph in Excel


4. Double click on each Y Axis line type = in the formula bar and select the cell to reference

Update Label Names to show Text in Bar Graph Excel


5. Click on the Series and Change the Fill and outline to No Fill

Update Series to No Fill Outline in Bar Graph Excel


6. Click on the Original Y Axis Series with numbers and click Delete

Delete Old Series Numbers for Text in Chart in Excel


Final Graph with Numbers Replaced by Text

Final Graph with Numbers Replaced by Text


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