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Interactive Tutorial Course Contents

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1. VBA Basics

Introduction to the basics of working with VBA for Excel: Subs, Ranges, Sheets, & More

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2. Variables

Declaring variable types, assigning object and non-object variables

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3. Conditional Logic

Comparing values and conditions, if statements and select cases

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4. Loops

Repeat processes with For loops and Do While or Do Until Loops

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5. Adv Cell Referencing

Working with cells, rows, and columns to copy/paste, count, find the last used row or column, assigning formulas, working with sheets

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6. Msg & Input Boxes

Communicate with the end-user with message boxes and take user input with input boxes

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7. Events

Trigger procedures to run when certain “eventsâ happen like activating a worksheet, or changing cell values

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8. Settings

Speed up your code and improve the user experience

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9. Adv Procedures

Public variables, functions, and passing variables to other procedures.

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10. Arrays

Programmatically work with series of values without needing to interact with Excel objects.

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VBA Tutorial PDF

VBA Tutorial PDF

VBA Tutorial PDFs

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