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What is PineBI?

PineBI is a charting add-in for Microsoft Excel.

It's a simple .xlam file - no installation is required (If you can open an Excel workbook, you can use Pine BI)

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It allows you to insert advanced Chart Templates with just a click of a button.

The chart editor makes editing charts much easier

Other miscellaneous tools make building fancy reporting dashboards extremely simple.

PineBI does not need to be installed to edit charts created by PineBI. Once the charts are created, anyone can edit them.

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Insert Chart Templates

Insert pre-built chart templates with just a mouse-click.

40 pre-set templates

All Pine BI created charts can be edited without PineBI Add-in.

Create Charts from Existing Data

Create beautifully formatted charts using your existing data ranges, Tables, or Pivot Tables.

Data ranges can even be located on different worksheets.

Charts come with numerous color and style variations.

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excel chart editor

Chart Editor

Simplified Chart Editor makes it easy to quickly apply basic formatting adjustments to your charts.

Excel doesn't have an option to edit multiple charts at once. However, Pine BI makes it easy to quickly edit multiple charts at one time.

Also quickly split charts, replicate chart format, and much more!

Join the Satisfied Professionals Who Use Pine BI

"I've been using Pinexl dashboards for a few months and love them and the detail they display!"

Steve Sunder

President Sunder Vision Solutions


What's Included

Actual Vs. Target Charts

Simple Bullet

Full Overlap

Partial Overlap


Column with Markers

Dynamic Color

Line / Area Threshold


Waterfall Charts

2 Versions

Horizontal / Vertical



Variance Charts

Column / Bar

Pin / Lollipop

Advanced (2 versions)



Donut Gauge Chart

Speedometer (3 versions)


Heap Maps




Navigation Menu

Project Management Charts

Gantt with Progress




Forecast Charts

Simple Forecast

Forecast with Confidence Interval


Other Charts

Min / Max

Income / Expense



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FAQ and Other Information

Join the Satisfied Professionals Who Use Pine BI

"Amazing design and value! Waiting for the next products!"

Alexander Y.


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