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Excel Formula Examples 
Add (Subtract) Days to a Date
Add (Subtract) Weeks to a Date
Add (Subtract) Years to a Date
Auto Populate Dates
Number of Months Between Dates
Quarter from a Date
Years of Service
Change Date Format
Compare Dates
Concatenate Dates
Convert Date to Number
Convert Date to Text
Month Name to Number
Create Date Range from Dates
Day Number of Year
Month Name from Date
First Day of Month
If Functions with Dates
Max Date
Number of Days Between Dates
Number of Days in a Month
Number of Weeks Between Dates
Number of Years Between Dates
Split Date & Time into Separate Cells
Countdown Remaining Days
Add (Subtract) Hours to Time
Add (Subtract) Minutes to Time
Add (Subtract) Seconds to Time
Add Up time (Total Time)
Time Differences
Change Time Format
Convert Minutes to Hours
Convert Time to Decimal
Convert Time to Hours
Convert Time to Minutes
Convert Time to Seconds
Military Time
Round Time to Nearest 15 Minutes
Overtime Calculator
Get First Word from Text
Get Last Word
Remove Specific Text from a Cell
Extract Text Between Characters (Ex. Parenthesis)
Find nth Occurance of Character in Text
Add Leading Zeros to a Number
Remove Line Breaks from Text
Remove all Numbers from Text
Reverse Text
Round Formulas
Round Price to Nearest Dollar or Cent
Round to Nearest 10, 100, or 1000
Round to Nearest 5 or .5
Round Percentages
Round to Significant Figures
Count Cells Between Two Numbers
Count Cells that Equal one of two Results
Count Cells that do not Contain
Count Cells that Contain Specific Text
Count Unique Values in Range
Countif - Multiple Criteria
Count Total Number of Cells in Range
Count Cells with Any Text
Count Total Cells in a Table
Count Blank and Non-blank Cells
Count Cells not Equal to
Index / Match
Two Dimensional VLOOKUP
VLOOKUP Simple Example
Vlookup - Multiple Matches
Add Spaces to Cell
CAGR Formula
Average Time
Decimal Part of Number
Integer Part of a Number
Compare Items in a List
Dealing with NA() Errors
Get Worksheet Name
Wildcard Characters
Hyperlink to Current Folder
Compound Interest Formula
Create Random Groups
Percentage Increase
Sort with the Small and Large Functions
Non-volatile Function Alternatives
Decrease a Number by a Percentage
Calculate Percent Variance
Profit Margin Calculator
Cell Reference Basics - A1, R1C1, 3d, etc.
Add Up (Sum) Entire Column or Row
Convert Time Zones
Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit
Convert Pounds to Kilograms
Convert Time to Unix Time
Convert Feet to Meters
Convert Centimeters to Inches
Convert Kilometers to Miles
Convert Inches to Feet
Convert Date to Julian Format
Convert Column Letter to Number
Test if a Range Contains any Text
Test if any Cell in Range is Number
Test if a Cell Contains a Specific Value
Percentile If
Subtotal If
Sumproduct If
Large If and Small If
Median If