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Last updated on February 8, 2023
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This tutorial will teach you how to reverse the order of a list or range in Excel & Google Sheets.

reverse list range Main Function

Reverse Order using INDEX Function

The INDEX function returns the value (can be any data type) positioned at the intersection of a specified row and column in a range or array. Its syntax is:

Index Function

We can use the INDEX function to reverse the order of a list of items like this:



In this example, column C provides the values for the ‘row_num’ argument of the INDEX function syntax. It has been calculated using the COUNTA and the ROW function, like this:


Using INDEX 01

Reverse Order using INDEX, COUNTA & ROW Function

In the previous example, we split the formulas up to make it easier to follow. Instead, you can merge these formulas into one, like this:



Note: Mixed cell reference has been used for the range in each of the formulas to make it easier to drag down.

Reverse the Order of a List / Range in Google Sheets

These formulas work exactly the same in Google Sheets as in Excel.

reverse-list range Google Function

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