Weekday Abbreviations in Excel & Google Sheets

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Last updated on February 8, 2023
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This tutorial will demonstrate how to use Weekday Abbreviations in Excel and Google Sheets.

weekday abbreviations Main


To get the weekday abbreviation from a date, we can use the TEXT function, or we can use the CHOOSE and WEEKDAY functions.

TEXT Function

We can use the TEXT function to obtain the weekday abbreviation.

=TEXT(B3, "ddd")

weekday abbreviations 01

In Excel, dates are stored as serial numbers, where each number represents an unique date. The TEXT Function converts a number into a specified text format. Here we specify the format “ddd” to get the day name abbreviation of a date.

CHOOSE and WEEKDAY functions

Alternatively, we can use the CHOOSE and WEEKDAY functions to create a custom weekday abbreviation.



WEEKDAY function

First, we can get the weekday from cell B3



CHOOSE function

Next, we can use the CHOOSE function to choose the position of the abbreviation from the listed options, based on the value returned by the weekday function.



Joining these 2 formulas together gives us our result.



Weekday Abbreviations in Google Sheets

All the above examples work the same way in Google Sheets.

weekday abbreviations Google

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