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Get Month Name From Date – Excel & Google Sheets

Download Example Workbook

Download the example workbook

This tutorial will teach you how to get the name of a month from a date in Excel and Google Sheets.

Get month name Main

Get Month Using Month Function

You can calculate the month number of a date by using the Month Function:

Get month Month

Get Month By Changing Formatting

By changing a date’s Date Format to “MMMM” you can see the month name:

Month MMMM

or “MMM” to see the month abbreviation:

Month MMM

Note: This will display the month name, but the value stored in the cell will still be the month number.

Change Number Format

To change the number format follow these steps:

Open the Number Tab of the Cell Formatting menu. This can be accessed with the shortcut CTRL + 1 or by clicking this button on the Home Ribbon:

number format button

Next navigate to the Custom section.

The Custom section of the Format Cells Menu allows you the ability to create your own number formats:

custom number formats excel

To set custom number formatting for dates, you’ll need to specify how to display days, months, and / or years. Use this table as guide:

DMY Format

Notice you can use “mmm” or “mmmm” to display the month name.

Text – Month

You can also use the TEXT Function to output the month number as the month name using the same formatting rules as above:

TEXT Month

Choose Month

We can also use the CHOOSE Function to calculate the month name of a date:

Choose Month

Get Month Name in Google Sheets

You can calculate the month name of a date the same in Google Sheets as in Excel: