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Last updated on February 6, 2023
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This tutorial will demonstrate how to check if any cell in a range contains any text in Excel and Google Sheets.

range contains any text


Check if Range Contains Any Text

To test if any cell in a range contains any text, we will use the ISTEXT and SUMPRODUCT Functions.

ISTEXT Function

The ISTEXT Function does exactly what its name implies. It tests if a cell is text, outputting TRUE or FALSE.




The ISTEXT Function only tests a single cell, so we must find a way to test the entire range. This is where the SUMPRODUCT Function comes in. The SUMPRODUCT Function sums together arrays of values. So if we test each cell individually, outputting a 1 (TRUE) or 0 (FALSE) if each cell as text, then we can sum the values together. If the sum is greater than 0 than we know at least one cell contained text.

First, here is the final calculation:



Now let’s walk through it.

=SUMPRODUCT({0, 1, 1})>0

Note: the double negatives converts the TRUE/FALSE into 1 / 0. Alternatively you could multiply the ISTEXT Function by *1


Sumproduct Multiply One

Instead of outputting TRUE / FALSE, you can use an IF Statement to output other text or calculations:

=IF(SUMPRODUCT(--ISTEXT(A2:C2))>0, "Yes", "No")

Sumproduct IF

Google Sheets – Check if any Cell in a Range Contains Text

All of the above examples work exactly the same in Google Sheets as in Excel.

Google Sheet

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