SHEET Function – Get Sheet Index of a Sheet (Excel, Google Sheets)

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Last updated on November 6, 2023

This tutorial demonstrates how to use the Excel SHEET Function to return the index number of a sheet in Excel.

SHEET Function 

The SHEET Function returns the numeric index of a sheet in Excel. 


Sheet Example 03


Notice how it returns the current sheet number if no reference is given.

SHEET Function with Sheet Name

You can also enter a sheet name into the SHEET Function. 


Sheet Example 01

SHEET Function with Cell Reference

If a cell reference is provided, the SHEET Function will return the sheet number of the given cell reference.


Sheet Example 02

SHEET Function with a Range

You can input an entire cell range and the SHEET Function will return the sheet number of the respective cell range.


Sheet Example 04

Sort Sheet Index

Excel 2019 or older

In Excel 2019 or older, all sheets can be sorted according to their index by using INDEX & MATCH Function


Sheet Example 05

Excel 365

Excel 365 has a new feature: the SORT Function. To sort sheet names based on their index, use the formula:

=SORT(A2:B6, 2)

Sheet Example 06

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