Number of Work / Business Days in Month – Excel & Google Sheets

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Last updated on February 8, 2023
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This tutorial will demonstrate how to calculate the number of business days in a month in Excel and Google Sheets.

workdays in month


Number of Work Days in Excel

To calculate how many work days are in a month, you can use the NETWORKDAYS and EOMONTH Functions.


workdays in month 01

We will walk through the formula in more detail below.

EOMONTH Function

The EOMONTH Function returns the last day of the month given the start date and number of months.



In this example we use the EOMONTH Function (going zero months forward) to give the last day of the month in Column B.


The NETWORKDAYS function returns the number of whole working days between the given start and end dates. It excludes weekends and any holidays that you specify.



Notice the holidays have been specified off to the side. You can list any number of holidays you like. Here’s an example of how the optional holidays work in the NETWORKDAYS function:

  • January 2020 has 31 days total.
  • 23 of the days in January are “work days” (Monday–Friday).
  • There are 2 holidays listed for work days (one on a Thursday and one on a Monday) in January.

So, our formula gives us 21 (23 – 2) for January.

Combining the steps above gives us our original formula:


workdays in month 01

Number of Work/Business Days in Month in Google Sheets

This formula works exactly the same in Google Sheets as in Excel.


workdays in month Google Function

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