Excel Formula – Test if Cell Contains Specific Text

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Last updated on May 25, 2023
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This Excel Tutorial covers how to test if a cell contains specific text.

To test if a cell contains specific text use the folowing formula:


Test if Cell Contains Text

The SEARCH Function

The SEARCH Function looks for specific text (find_text) within a cell (within_text). If it finds the text, it returns the text’s numerical position in the cell. If it does not find the text, it returns an error (#VALUE!). In the above example:


Result: 1 It may be sufficient for this formula to output a number if text is found or an error if the text is not found. If so, just use the above formula. However, for a cleaner formula add the ISNUMBER Function.

The ISNUMBER Function

The ISNUMBER function tests if an expression results in a number. It returns TRUE for numbers and FALSE for anything else (including errors). In our example, ISNUMBER will return TRUE if the text is found within the cell and FALSE if not.


Result: TRUE

The SEARCH Function is not Case-Sensitive

The SEARCH Function is not case-sensitive. Searching for “Excel” will find “EXCEL”, “excel”, “Excel”, or any other combination of cases. For a case-sensitive text search use the FIND Function instead.

The FIND Function

The FIND Function is case-sensitive. If you search for “Excel”, “EXCEL” and “excel” will not produce matches. Search For Text in a Cell


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