Extract the Last Word In Excel & Google Sheets

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Last updated on February 7, 2023
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This tutorial will demonstrate how to extract the last word from a cell in Excel & Google Sheets.

Extract Last Word in Excel


Extract Last Word

If we wanted to extract the first word of a cell, we could simply use the FIND Function to find the first space and the LEFT Function to output the word before the space.

Unfortunately, Excel doesn’t have a reverse FIND Function, so instead we will need to develop a different solution:

  1. Use the SUBSTITUTE Function to replace the spaces in between words with a large number (n) of spaces.
  2. Use the RIGHT Function to calculate the right n number of spaces. (This will include our word, as well as a number of additional spaces)
  3. Use the TRIM Function to trim out the extra spaces, leaving only the last word.

Here is the formula we will use:

=TRIM(RIGHT(SUBSTITUTE(B3," ",REPT(" ",10)),10))

Extract the last word 1st Formula

Notice for this example we choose n=10. This number is too small: Cell C6 doesn’t contain the full last word because the word is 11 characters long.

We’ve chosen a small number for demonstration purposes, but we recommend that you use a much larger number (ex. 99) or use the versatile formula found at the end of this tutorial.

Now let’s walk through the formula:

REPT Function

The REPT Function repeats a character (n) number of times. This formula will generate 10 spaces:

=REPT(" ",10)

Here to show who this function will work, we have replaced the blank spaces with dashes (-):

Extract last Word REPT Function usage


The SUBSTITUTE function finds all the blank spaces in the text string and replaces the blank spaces with 10 spaces.


Extract last Word SUBSTITUTE Function usage

RIGHT Function

The RIGHT function extracts the last 10 characters from the cell:


Extract last Word RIGHT Function usage

TRIM Function

The TRIM function removes all the leading and trailing spaces from the text and returns only the last word:


Extract last Word TRIM Function usage

Versatile Formula

Instead of defining the number (n), you can use the LEN Function to calculate n as the number of characters in the cell. This formula will work regardless of how big the last word is.


Exctract the Last word using 2nd Formula

Extract the Last Word In Google Sheets

The formula to extract the last word from a text works exactly the same in Google Sheets as in Excel:

Extract last word in google sheets

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