Find Duplicates with VLOOKUP or MATCH in Excel & Google Sheets

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Last updated on February 8, 2023
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This tutorial will demonstrate how to find duplicate values using VLOOKUP and Match in Excel and Google Sheets. If your version of Excel allows it, we recommend using the XLOOKUP Function to handle duplicates instead.

find duplicates vlookup match

Find Duplicate Values – VLOOKUP Function

To identify duplicate values in 2 columns in a range of cells in Excel you can use the VLOOKUP Function:

=VLOOKUP($B$4:B$14,$C$4:$C$14, TRUE, FALSE)

Find Duplicates VLOOKUP

If the cities are found in both columns B and C, then they will show in column D.

Find Duplicate Values – MATCH Function

Similarly, you can also find duplicate values in 2 columns using the MATCH Function.


Find Duplicates MATCH

The MATCH Function will return the row number if the duplicate exists, and a #N/A if the value is not duplicated.


Return Duplicate Value – the IF Function

If you want to return the duplicate value instead of the row number, you can expand the formula created by the MATCH Function to include an IF Function.

Select D4 and type the following formula.


Find Duplicates MATCH and IF

This will give us the exact same result as using the VLOOKUP to return the duplicate value.

Additional Tutorials on Duplicates

Find Duplicate Values in Google Sheets

VLOOKUP Function

Finding duplicate values in 2 columns using VLOOKUP works exactly the same in Google sheets as it does in Excel.

=VLOOKUP($A$2:A$11,$B$2:$B$12, TRUE, FALSE)

Google 01

Find Duplicate Values in 2 columns – MATCH Function in Google Sheets

The Match function in Google Sheets is also identical to Excel.


Google 02

You can also use the IF Function to return the duplicate value.


Google 03

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