Easy Excel Automation

Automate Excel in seconds.

No coding required!

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How AutoMacro works

  • Use AutoMacro’s simple menus to select your automation
  • Automations are added to Excel as “macros”
  • Once added, macros can be used by anyone
  • Installation of AutoMacro is not required!

Absolutely no coding required!

Automate thousands of tasks

Step 1. Choose what to perform actions on

Choose between Cells, Rows, Columns, Worksheets, Workbooks, or Shapes.

automate cells



automate columns


automate sheets


automate workbooks


automate shapes


automacro - choose actions

Step 2. Choose action(s)

Choose action(s) to perform on your Excel objects.

Step 3. Add Rule to determine when to apply actions

By adding rules, you can limit which objects are acted on. For example:

  • Delete only blank rows
  • Save workbook(s) based on name
  • Email worksheets based on name
  • Highlight cells with errors.
automacro choose rules

Additional Features

selectbox macro


Create user interfaces to allow the end-user of your spreadsheet to select items to automate.

>> Learn More

file processor macro

File Processor

Automate merging files together and other file processing actions.

>> Learn More

email macro

Email Sender

Automate email sending. Link up emails to spreadsheet content for dynamic emails.

>> Learn More

file dialog macro

File Dialog Boxes

Create user interfaces to prompt the user to open or save files to or from a certain folder.

>> Learn More

copy paste macro

Copy Paste

Easily create macros to copy (or cut) and paste cells. Optionally paste only values or formats, or transpose.

>> Learn More

Four different ways to add automations

  • Run automation one-time
    • For quick spreadsheet clean-up
  • Add automation button (or custom shape) to your workbook
    • Anyone can easily use automation (even if AutoMacro is not installed)
  • Run automation when certain “triggers” occur
    • Cell value change
    • Cell Selection change
    • Worksheet activate or deactivate
    • Workbook open, save
    • & more!
  • User Interfaces
    • Let user decide what automation is performed

Why Wait? Order Now

AutoMacro for Excel

  • Activate on any 2 PCs at one-time
  • Automate cells, rows, columns, sheets, workbooks, and shapes
  • SelectBox UI Builder
  • File Processor Macro Builder
  • Email Sender
  • File Dialog Box Macro Builder
  • Copy Paste Macro Builder
  • Insert Macro Interface
$99 / year

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FAQ and Other Information

What is your refund policy?

We have a 30-day, no-questions-asked, 100% money-back guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, let us know and we will refund your order!

Can I try AutoMacro for Excel before I buy?
Can I install AutoMacro for Excel on my Work Computer?

Yes! AutoMacro for Excel works in many corporate environments. It was designed to be as unobtrusive as possible and should install without the need for "admin privileges".

Will AutoMacro for Excel work on my system?

AutoMacro for Excel is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Office for PCs after Excel 2003.

32-bit or 64-bit
Office 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, Office 365, etc.
All Versions of Windows
Surface Pro
AutoMacro for Excel is not compatible with Mac operating systems. However, some Mac users running Windows OS are able to use AutoMacro.

If you have doubts, please try the download link above to check.

AutoMacro for Excel is not compatible with Citrix environments.

Can I use on more than one computer?

Yes, AutoMacro for Excel can be activated on any two computers at one time.

Join the Thousands of Professionals Who Use AutoMacro

"Great product, haven’t stopped using it since I purchased it. It doesn’t just write your code, it teaches as you go!"

Tony D - United Kingdom

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Steve Rynearson:
Creator of AutoMacro

Over the years, I've spent countless hours searching online for example code and adapting that code to my needs.

I often found myself clicking the same links and copying the same code. I thought there has to be a better way!

AutoMacro eliminates much of this need to search online for code. Instead simply use the menus to select pre-built code or use the builders to generate code for your exact needs.

Additionally, the coding tools will save you time and help you develop more professional looking code.

For anyone coding VBA, AutoMacro is a life-saver. You'll code much faster, develop more professional code, and learn VBA much faster (if you're not already an expert).