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Last updated on February 8, 2023
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This tutorial will demonstrate how to calculate GPA in Excel and Google Sheets.

gpa formula 01

To create a GPA calculator in Excel, we use several different Excel functions and calculations.


First, we look up the number of points obtained in each module based on the grade received for the module.  We use the VLOOKUP Function to lookup the points from the lookup table.


gpa formula 02

Once we have the grade points for the first module, we can copy the formula down for the rest of the modules as we have used an absolute ($) in the lookup range.

gpa formula 03

Next, we work out the credit value for each of the modules.  We do this by multiplying the grade points received by the credit value.


gpa formula 04


We can then copy that formula down for the other modules to get the credit value received for each module.

gpa formula 05

Finally, we divide the sum of the credit value received by the sum of the credits to obtain the GPA value.

gpa formula 06

GPA Formula in Google Sheets

The examples shown above work the same way in Google Sheets as they do in Excel.


gpa formula 07

SUM to Calculate GPA

gpa formula 08

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