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Comparing Items in a List

Consider the following two lists:

comparing lists

And that we want to see which items from column A are in Column B. This can be achieved by the MATCH function in conjunction with ISNUMBER .

The MATCH function has the following syntax:


And this will return the position of the value cell A6 in the range C4:C13 – the “0” is for an exact match. So this will return the number 2 – as “Ship” (the value in cell A6) has position 2 in the range C4:C13. If an exact match can’t be found then an N/A# is returned.

Combining this with a ISNUMBER function we have:


Will return TRUE when there is a MATCH and a FALSE when there is no MATCH.

So we can put the following in cell B4 and copy down:


This will return the expression “MATCH” when the value in Column A can be found in Column B

comparing lists v1

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