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Last updated on February 8, 2023
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This tutorial will demonstrate how to retrieve the address of a looked-up cell instead of the value

lookup cell address


Lookup Cell Address

To look up a cell address (instead of a cell value), we use the INDEX / MATCH Functions to find the range and the CELL Function to output the cell address:


Return Cell Address Instead of Value 01

We will walk through the formula below.

MATCH Functions

The MATCH Function looks for the invoice number and returns its row number:


Return Cell Address Instead of Value- Match


INDEX Function

The INDEX Function returns the cell value corresponding to the row returned by the MATCH Function above:


Return Cell Address Instead of Value INDEX


CELL Function – Retrieve Cell Attributes

The CELL Function retrieves specific attributes about a cell. Here we calculate the cell address by inputting “address”:


Return Cell Address Instead of Value 01

Lookup – return cell address instead of value in Google Sheets

The example above works the same way in Google Sheets.

Excel Lookup Return Cell Address Inst Google Function

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