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Concatenate Date in Excel & Google Sheets

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This tutorial will demonstrate how to concatenate a date with another string of text in Excel and Google Sheets.

concatenate date


Join Date with Text

If you attempt to concatenate (join) a date with text, the date will be displayed as a number:


B3 and C3

This is because Excel stores dates as serial numbers; when you join a date with text, the cell formatting is not carried over.

TEXT Function

The TEXT Function allows you to display a number as text with specified formatting. You can use the TEXT Function to set date formatting. Here’s an example with m/d/yyyy formatting:



Here is an example with MMMM D, YYYY formatting:

=TEXT(B3,"mmmm d, yyyy")

Full Date

Create Date Range

You can join together two dates to create a date range using two text functions:

=TEXT(B3, "m/d/yyyy")&" to " &TEXT(C3, "m/d/yyyy")


Create Date Range

Notice that this maintains the date formatting.

By adding in IF Statements you can create a smarter formula that won’t display blank dates:

=IF(B3<>"",TEXT(B3, "m/d/yyyy")&" to " &TEXT(C3, "m/d/yyyy"),TEXT(C3,"m/d/yyyy") )

First Day Missing


=TEXT(B3, "m/d/yyyy") & IF(C3<>"", " to " & TEXT(C3, "m/d/yyyy"), "")

SEC Day Missing

Concatenate Date in Google Sheets

All of the above examples work exactly the same in Google Sheets as in Excel.

concatenate date Google