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Rotate a Chart in Excel & Google Sheets

Rotate a Chart in Excel

We’ll start with the below bar graph that shows the Items sold by Year.

Stating Data to Rotate Graph in Excel


  1. Right click on X Axis
  2. Select Format Axis

Format X Axis to Rotate Axis in Excel


Change Angle of Label

  1. Click on the Size and Properties Tab
  2. Type in your Custom Angle. In this case, we’ll say 30°

Create Custom Slanted Angle for Graph in Excel

And you’ll see the chart with rotated axis:

Final Graph with Slanted X Axis in Excel


Rotate a Chart in Google Sheets

  1. Double Click on X Axis
  2. Under Slant Options, select which angle you would like to show the slant of the Axis

Create Slanted Graph in Google Sheets