How to Change Chart Series Name – Excel & Google Sheets

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Last updated on October 30, 2023

This tutorial will demonstrate how to change Series Names in Excel and Google Sheets.

Change Chart Series Name in Excel

Start with your Graph

In this tutorial, we’ll show a Bar Graph comparing items sold for two different products by month. Let’s say instead of showing Product A and Product B on the graph, you want to show the actual series on the graph.

Graph to Change Series Name in Excel

Changing Series Name

  1. Right click on the graph
  2. Click Select Data

Select Data to Change Series in Graph Excel

Note: You will see the Series (Product A and Product B), which correlate to the legend on the graph.

Change Series Names in Graph for Excel

3. For each Series, Click Edit

Edit a Series Name in Graph for Excel

Note: You can see right now it is linked to a current cell. Right now, it is linked to “Product A”

Edit Name for Graph and Chart in Excel

4. You can change this formula and link it to another cell

Link Series Name with Formula in Excel

Final Graph with Series Name Change

After changing both Series Names, the final graph should look like this.

Final Graph with Series Name Change in Excel

Change Chart Series Name in Google Sheets

Similar to Excel, you can see the graph with the generic series names on the graph and a table

Graph Series Name Change in Google Sheets

  1. To Change, Double Click on the Legend Name and make your changes for both

Edit Series Name for Graph in Google Sheets

Final Graph with Changes

As you can see, the final graph shows the updates with the new series names.

Final Graph for Series Name Change in Google Sheets

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