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Last updated on June 13, 2022

This tutorial will demonstrate how to add percentages to a pie chart.

Adding Percentages to Pie Chart in Excel

Starting with your Graph

We’ll start this tutorial with a table and a pie chart shown based on the data. As you can see, the pie chart is made by using percentages of the total. Sometimes it is helpful to add percentages so that the end user can easily see what percentage each quarter makes up.

Adding Percentages to Pie Chart in Excel


Add Data Labels

  1. Click on the chart
  2. Click the + Sign in the top right
  3. Select Data Labels

Add Data Labels in Pie Chart in Excel


Change to Percentage

This will show the “Values” of the data labels. The next step is changing these to percentages instead.

Add Percentages in Excel for Pie Chart


  1. Right click on the new labels
  2. Select Format Data Labels

Add Percentages to Pie Chart Graph in Excel


3. Uncheck box next to Value

4. Check box next to Percentage

Format Pie Chart values to Percentages in Excel


Final Graph with Percentage

After making these changes, your final graph should look like the one below where it shows the percentage that each slice represents.

Final Graph with Percentages in Excel


Adding Percentages to a Pie Chart In Google Sheets

When creating a pie graph in Google Sheets, the percentages will automatically populate for each of the slices of the pie chart.

Final Graph with Percentages in Google Sheets


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