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Last updated on October 30, 2023

This tutorial will demonstrate how to add titles to graphs in Excel and Google Sheets.

Adding Titles to Graphs in Excel

Titles are a good way to explaining the graph that you are looking at. It is a good idea to include titles for all of the graphs that you are working with.

Chart Title for Graph in Excel

Adding a Title

  1. Click on the Graph
  2. Click on the + Sign on the top right
  3. Check Chart Title and a title will show at the top of the graph

Adding a Graph Title for Excel

Changing Title Name

  1. Click and highlight the Title

Change Title Name for Graph in Excel

2. Replace the title with a name that gives a clear description of the graph that you are looking at, as seen below.

Final Graph with Title Name in Excel


Create a Dynamic Title Name

You can also create a dynamic chart title that references a cell value. For example, In this scenario, we want to reference the header of the table.

Adding a Dynamic Title to Chart in Excel

  1. Click on the Title
  2. In the formula bar, type = + cell you want to reference


Dynamic Title to Chart or Graph in Excel

Adding Chart Title in Google Sheets

Similar to Excel, you can add a Chart Title in Google Sheets.

Add Title to Graph in Google Sheets

Adding Chart Title

  1. Right click on the graph
  2. Select Chart & Axis Titles
  3. Click Chart Title

Add Title for Chart in Google Sheets

4. Type your New Title for the Chart in the box under Title Text

Add Change Title Name in Chart Google Sheets

Final Chart with Title

Now the final graph shows a clear understanding of the data that is being shown.

Final Graph with Title in Google Sheets

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