How to Rotate Pie Chart in Excel

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Last updated on October 30, 2023

This tutorial will demonstrate how to rotate a Pie Chart in Excel.

Rotating a Pie Chart in Excel

Starting with the Pie Chart

When creating a pie chart, the default position of each slice is that the first item starts at the top center of the circle (or a 0° angle of the circle). Each additional slice occurs after the previous item. In this tutorial, we’ll show how to rotate this pie chart to show the desired visual.

Rotate a Pie Chart Slice in Excel

Rotating the Pie Chart

  1. Right click on the pie chart slice
  2. Select Format Data Series

Format Data Series in Pie Chart of Excel

As discussed, the first slice shows a default at 0°.

Adjust Angle of First Slice for Pie Chart in Excel

3. Change the Angle of the First Slice to the desired angle.

In this case, we changed it to 90°, showing how the first slice (blue) shifted from 0° to 90° of the circle. Each subsequent slice shifts based on the first slice angle.


Final Rotate a Pie Chart in Excel

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