Protected View: How to Turn Off and Enable Editing in Excel

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Mel Jenkins

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Laura Tsitlidze

Last updated on August 9, 2022

This tutorial will demonstrate how to turn off Protected View and Enable Editing in Excel.

ProtectedView Internet



Files opened from potentially unsafe locations are opened in Protected View. Protected View is a read-only view where most editing functions are disabled until the user enables editing.

Why Does My File Open in Protected View?

Files that are downloaded from the Internet are usually opened in Protected View, because these files can contain malware or viruses. If you’re confident that the file is safe to edit, click Enable Editing in the message bar that appears.

Files that are sent as Outlook attachments are also usually opened in Protected View.

ProtectedView Outlook


Files that are opened from an unsafe location will also display a Protected View message. An unsafe location can be the Temporary Internet Files folder, for example.

Files that you choose to open in Protected View will also show a message.

ProtectedView OpenProtected


You can open a file in Protected View by selecting File > Open > Open in Protected View.

ProtectedView OpenProtected File


Enabling Edit Mode

Once you’re confident that the file will not damage your computer, you can enable editing in one of two ways.

1. Click on Enable Editing in the message box that pops up.


2. In the Ribbon, click File > Info > Enable Editing.

ProtectedView Info


Changing Protected View Settings

To switch off Protected View, change the settings in the Excel Trust Center.

1. In the Ribbon, select File > Options > Trust Center.

Protected View TrustCenter

2. Select Trust Center Settings, and then select Protected View.

ProtectedView TrustCenterSettingsProtectedview

3. Remove the check marks from the three check boxes in Protected View.

Protected View TrustCenterSettings

4. Click OK to save the changes.

Protected View messages will now no longer be displayed in Excel.

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