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How to Insert Picture Into Header in Excel & Google Sheets

This tutorial shows how to insert a picture into the header or footer in Excel and Google Sheets.


insert picture header 4


Insert Header

To insert a header in Excel, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Insert tab and choose Header & Footer from the Text group.


remove header insert footer 1


  1. This opens the Header & Footer tab.


remove header insert footer 2


  1. You see three boxes at the top of the page.The central box is selected by default, but if you wish the header to appear in the top right or top left corner of the page, click the right or left box and enter information there.


remove header insert footer 3 new


Insert Picture Into Header

Now that the header is created, it’s time to insert a picture.


insert picture header 4


  1. Select the header box where you want to insert a picture.


insert picture header initial


  1. In the Ribbon go to Header & Footer > Picture (from Header & Footer Elements).


insert picture header 1


  1. When you click on Picture, the Insert Pictures box will appear. Choose where you want to import your picture from.


insert picture header 3

When you import your picture, it’s inserted in the header.


insert picture header 4


Insert Picture Into Header in Google Sheets

In Google Sheets, you can’t insert a picture in the header, but you can use a workaround by freezing the first row, which will then serve as header.

  1. Select a cell in the first row, then in the Menu, go to View > Freeze > 1 row.


insert picture header 5


  1. Now, you have your “header.” Select cell A1 (or wherever you want to insert your picture).


insert picture header 6


  1. Next, insert a picture in the header. In the Menu, go to Insert > Image > Image in cell.


insert picture header 7


  1. The Insert image window appears. Choose Upload, then Browse to upload the picture you want to insert.


insert picture header 8


The picture appears in the cell you selected.


insert picture header 9


  1. To see the final result, go to print view and the picture in the header will appear at the top of each page you print.


insert picture header 10

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