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How to Print in Excel & Google Sheets

Add a Page Border
Add a Watermark
Center Worksheets Horizontally and Vertically
Delete Unwanted or Blank Pages
Display and Print Formulas
Hide Page Breaks
Insert a Page Number
Insert and Remove Page Breaks
Make Graph Paper
Print a Background Image
Print All Tabs in a Workbook
Print Comments
Print Gridlines on a Blank Sheet
Print Only Selected Cells
Print Row Numbers and Column Headings
Print Selected Worksheets on One Page
Print Selected Worksheets Without Print Preview
Print Two Sheets on One Page
Remove Watermarks
Set the Print Area
Page Layoutyes
Add Element to Display Current Date in the Header
Change Orientation to Landscape
Create Cover Page
Define Print Titles on Every Page
Format the Header and Footer
Insert or Remove Headers and Footers
Make a Header Only on the First Page
Make a Sheet Fit on One Page
What is the Page Setup Function?