How to Print Comments in Excel & Google Sheets

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Last updated on August 21, 2023

This tutorial demonstrates how to print comments in Excel and Google Sheets.

Print Comments Intro

In Excel, you can add comments to cells, either by right-clicking each cell you want to comment on or by running a macro. These can be useful for citing the source of a number, sharing information with another user, etc.

Print All Comments

By default, comments do not print in Excel when you print a worksheet. You can, however, set comments to print.

  1. In the Ribbon, go to Page Layout > Page Setup, and then click the dialog box selector in the bottom-right corner of the group to show the Page Setup dialog box.

page setup ribbon

  1. This opens the Page Setup dialog box to the Page tab. Click on the Sheet tab.

page setup print titles sheet tab

  1. Click the drop down for Comments and notes. There are three options available:
  • (None) – Neither comments nor notes show on the printout.
  • At end of sheet – All comments and notes print at the end of the sheet after the worksheet data.
  • As displayed on sheet (notes only) – Depending on whether or not notes are displayed on the screen, they show up on the printed sheet. Any comments on the sheet don’t print.
  1. Choose At end of sheet and click OK.

Print Comments Comments

  1. Click Print Preview to see the comments and notes displayed after the worksheet data.

Print All Notes

In the newer versions of Excel, both comments and notes exist. Notes are what used to be referred to as comments in the older versions of Excel and look like post-it notes on the screen if displayed, or as red dots in a cell if hidden. Comments are an upgrade from the original notes, where you can now keep a conversation going within a comment by replying to other people’s comments and tagging other people in your own comments.

  1. To display notes on the screen and therefore display them on a printed sheet, in the Ribbon, go to Review > Notes > Show All Notes.

print comments show all notes

The notes that have been entered into the worksheet are now displayed on the screen.

print comments notes visible

  1. Return to the Page Setup dialog box, Sheet tab and choose As displayed on sheet (notes only) from the Comments and notes drop down.
  2. Click Print Preview to see the notes on the preview as displayed on the sheet.

print comments print preview

Print Notes in Google Sheets

Comments cannot be printed in Google Sheets, but you can print notes below the sheet data.

  1. In the Menu, go to File > Print to see page setup options.

Page Setup GS Menu

  1. Click Formatting to show formatting options.

Page Setup GS Formatting

  1. Make sure Show Notes is checked to show the notes in the printout as they appear in the sheet. The notes appear on a new page below the sheet data.

Print Comments GS Notes

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