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Last updated on October 18, 2023

Open VBA Editor

VBA Editor

  • The VBA Editor is used to create and work with Macros.
  • It can be accessed with the shortcut:
    PC Shortcut:ALT+F11
    Mac Shortcut:+fn+F11

Open VBA Editor

Create A New Module 

  • A Module is a place within VBA where you can start typing your code.
  • Once you have the VBA window open, hold down Alt + I + M to create a new module

Create A New Module in VBA Editor

Run Module/Procedure

  • Once your code is written, press in the module code and hold down F5 to run the procedure.

Record Macro

  • Hold and press Alt + T + M + R to record a macro
  • Type your Macro Name and press Enter

Record Macro

Stop Recording

  • Hold and press Alt + L + R to stop recording the macro

Stop Recording

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