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How to Insert a Page Number in Excel & Google Sheets

This tutorial will demonstrate how to insert page numbers in Excel and Google Sheets.


PageNumbers Intro


When you need to print an Excel worksheet or workbook, it will often be a worksheet or workbook of multiple pages. In order to easily determine the order of these pages, you can insert page numbering into the header or footer of the printout.

Inserting Page Numbers Into a Single Worksheet

With the worksheet we want to insert the page numbers into selected, in the Ribbon, select Page Layout > Page Setup and then select the little arrow in the bottom right hand corner of the group to go into the Page Setup dialog box.


PageNumbers Ribbon


Inserting a Page Number as a Header

1. Select the Header/Footer tab and then from the Header drop-down box, select Page 1.

2. Click OK to insert the header into the selected worksheet.


PageNumbers InsertSimpleHeader


3. To view the header, in the Ribbon, select File > Print. For a multiple-page worksheet, you can click on the navigation buttons at the bottom of the preview to see the next page and its page number.


PageNumbers NavButtons


Inserting a Page Number as a Footer

An alternative to inserting a header page number is to insert a footer page number.

1. Select the Header/Footer tab of the Page Setup dialog box once again, and then select (none) from the Header drop-down list.

2. Then, in the Footer drop-down list, select Page 1 of ?.


PageNumbers InsertFooter


3. To view the footer, in the Ribbon, select File > Print.


PageNumbers ShowFooter


Inserting Page Numbers Into Multiple Worksheets

Inserting a page number into multiple worksheets can be done in the same way as it is done when inserting a page number into a single worksheet, as long as the worksheets required are grouped together.

1. To select the required worksheets, click on the tab of the first worksheet required.


PageNumbers MultipleTabs1


2. Then, holding down the CTRL key on the keyboard, click on the tab of the second worksheet required. This groups the non-adjacent worksheets.


PageNumbers NonAdjacentTabs


3. To group adjacent worksheets, click on the first sheet tab, and then hold the SHIFT key down and click on the last sheet tab for the required group of sheets.


PageNumbers AdjacentTabs


When worksheets are grouped together, the title bar of Excel will tell us that there is a group of sheets.


PageNumbers TitleBar


4. You can now insert a page number as a header or footer using the Page Setup option as described above.

Inserting a Page Number using Page Layout View

1. In the Ribbon, select View > Workbook Views > Page Layout.


PageNumbers PageLayoutView


2. Click in the Add header section of the worksheet.


PageNumbers Addheader


3. A new tab on the Ribbon will appear called Header & Footer. In this tab, select Header & Footer Elements > Page Number.


PageNumbers HeaderRibbon


4. A special code will be added into the header section of the worksheet. This code represents the page number.


PageNumbers PageCode


5. In the Ribbon, select View > Worksheet Views > Normal View to return to the normal worksheet view.


PageNumbers RibbonNormalView


How to Insert a Page Number in Google Sheets

In Google sheets, inserting page numbers are added from within the Print settings.

1. In the Menu, select File > Print.


PageNumbers GS Print


2. In the Print settings on the right hand side of the screen, select the drop-down box to the right of Headers & Footers.


PageNumbers GS HeadersFooters


3. Select Page Numbers to insert a page number automatically into the right-hand side of the footer.


PageNumbers GS InsertPageNumbers


4. A page number will automatically be inserted into the footer of the Google sheet. To edit the placement of the page number, click EDIT CUSTOM FIELDS.


PageNumbers GS EditCustomFields


5. Click in the Footer on the right hand side of the Google Sheet, and highlight the code to delete it to remove the Footer.


PageNumbers GS DeleteFooter


6. In the header header click in the central “Click to add text” box and then select the required page number format from the Page Number drop-down list.


PageNumbers GS InsertHeader


7. Once the page number is inserted, click on the Confirm box in the top right-hand corner of the Google sheet.


PageNumbers GS Confirm


The page number will be shown in the header of the Google sheet.


PageNumbers GS ShowHeader


8. Click Next to send the Google sheet to the printer.


PageNumbers GS Next


NOTE: If you click Cancel, the header will be removed or will revert to the previous header.

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